Teenage texting out of control

6473 text messages in one month… 

Our teens are growing up in a much different world today, thats for sure. You can see how the behavior of your teenagers has changed from the minute your teens began texting.

what I find even more surprising are the number of young people involved in “sexting” – this is the new popular term for sending and receiving messages and images with sexual connotations. Teens are full of hormones and have little to no impulse control, and with cell phones having built in camera’s its easily to use camera functions and text on the phone to each other naked pictures and text. 

In a study entitled Sex and Tech, conducted by the National Campaign to teen and unplanned pregnancy, we learn that 37% of girls and 40% of teens are sending or posting sexually suggestive messages, and 22% of girls and 18% of teenagers have sent or posted pictures of naked or semi naked or videos of themselves. As a whole, 23% of teen girls and 24% of teen boys say they were pressured by friends to send or post sexual content. 

Teens can get away with more because parents aren’t watching. Monitoring the content of teenagers texting isn’t easy, and caring, and watchful parents wonder what the right level of supervision should be. 

Mobility is the threat and can become much more dangerous when coupled with additional technology. If you really want to know what your teen is up to, you need to know how monitor your teens texting. There are too many dangers and too much temptation out there for you to simply hope for the best and pray that it all works out. 
Fortunately, you can do better than just a hope. 

Cell phones are pretty much an essential component of teenage life. And there are lots of reasons why this should concern you, and not just the obvious ones. Teens are not stupid, even if they are at times doing some stupid things. They are very unlikely to leave pics and messages in their phone where you could find them. 

Parents need to stay educated with technology as it continues to evolve. Staying ahead of your teens in this field is not just a good idea anymore, it is now a requirement.

I found a simple, reliable, and discreet way to monitor any activity on your teens phone. Your teen will have no idea that he or she is being watched, and you will be able to enjoy more peaceful evenings knowing that your child is safe and behaving responsibly. This means you’ll know exactly where your teen is and who he or she is with at any time. And It doesn’t matter how complex or advanced the phone is, this software will be able to remain undetectable and reliable as it sends you updates. You can use this at any time, day and night access, the comfort of your home or office computer, and the software can track several different phones on the same account. 

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